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Freshwater Transit (Powerful) ushers in a new era of public engagement for public and private entities throughout the country. Located in Detroit, Michigan, our team of professionals believe that public engagement is not just a ‘box’ to be checked off on a form, but a valuable opportunity for developers to engage with the local community. We ensure that public engagement and outreach is not just a one-way street; our mission is to both inform the public on behalf of our clients but to also ensure that public feedback is reported in a clear, concise, and actionable way to our clients.

Powerful (formerly Freshwater Transit) is a magnet to the critical information needed for a given project to gain the community’s support. For the developer, we design and deploy an engagement plan making each side’s needs accessible. We help the developer and community communicate, so when the time comes to break ground, the community understands which option is best.

At Powerful (formerly Freshwater Transit), the community charrette is only one in a myriad of tools that we use to create customized engagement solutions for our clients. We work to identify key community stakeholder groups, segment outreach, enlist ambassadors within each segment to help propagate the message, and then use the latest in technology to efficiently capture input.