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Press Release: Launch Of Powerful, LLC

Announcing The Launch of Powerful, LLC

Formerly Freshwater Transit Solutions, LLC, Powerful seeks to revolutionize how public engagement work is done.


DETROIT, MI– Powerful, LLC, formerly Freshwater Transit Solutions, LLC, ushers in a new era of public engagement work for entities.

The team of Freshwater Transit Solutions, LLC, which spearheaded notable projects such as planning a potential multi-modal transit system for the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy, came together to form Powerful to underscore the need for better public engagement. The firm seeks to work with entities, both public and private, who need robust public engagement.

“All too often, the public engagement aspect of development projects is treated as a ‘box’ that just needs to be ‘checked off’, rather than the unique opportunity it is, ” said Tom Choske, Co-Founder and President of Powerful.  “We seek to bring the skills our team has honed over the years as an innovative alternative in the public engagement space. Our team’s unique blend of technical prowess and on-the-ground experience allow us to plan and execute public engagement campaigns that are effective and efficient.”

To learn more about the company, please visit pwrfl.co.